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May, 3 Posted by ritavolk

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Home > Events And Public Appearances. > 2016 > [02/05] MTV’s “Faking It” Screening At The Los Angeles LGBT Center.

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Inizio > Television Productions > Faking It. > Season 3. > Screencaptures. > Episode 3 – “Karmygeddon”.

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Home > Television Productions > Faking It. > Season 3. > Screencaptures. > Episode 2 “Let’s Hear It for the Oy”.

Mar, 23 Posted by ritavolk

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Home > Television Productions > Faking It. > Season 3. > Behind the scenes.

Mar, 23 Posted by ritavolk


MCKENZIE MORRELL: Before we get started, I wanted to tell you that after our last interview, I made the Hot Cheetos donut you dreamt up and… it was surprisingly delicious.
RITA VOLK: Oh! [Laughs.] Thank you.

MM: So, it’s going down. Things are getting Karmi-cated. Can you tell us a little about what we can expect from the season?
RV: The premiere had a lot of tension—probably more so than ever. Karma and Amy don’t talk for a while. They both come back thinking they’re right in their feelings. Karma is really mad at Amy for leaving her hanging, and Amy doesn’t feel like she has to defend herself. She’s really adamant about the fact that she needed to go away for the summer, do what she has to do to get away from this feelings that she had, this unreciprocated love. So that’s where it’s going to start. They’re both battling for who’s right, basically, and who should apologize. Shane’s going to get caught up in it; Lauren’s going to get caught up in it. Amy and Lauren are going to have their own relationship—I love the tension between those two characters. Some people are going to be rooting for them to get back together. Shane’s going to have his own sneaky ways to get them to apologize to each other. And Lauren is going to be against it. That’s the outline for where we begin.

MM: Amy has definitely evolved and has come into her own over the course of this journey already. How do you think Amy’s feelings for Karma have changed since season one? Do you think the separation has helped her move on?
RV: Totally! Absolutely. I think we all sometimes just need time to step away from the situation and get a clear perspective. That’s one of the things I’ve been wanting for her since the first season—for her to be more assertive in who she is, to have her own opinions, and to do what’s right for her. It’s been so long. I think she was a loyal friend, almost to a detriment, to Karma, and she would appease anyone. I think in this season for the first time, she’s very gutsy, which I love. It’s about time. She deserves to be happy. She’s kind of been putting other people ahead of herself. It’s nice to see her say, “You know what? It’s about me now. It’s what I needed to get over you.”

MM: I think that’s super interesting. I had a conversation with Michael [J. Willett, who plays Shane,] not too long ago. He said that he thought it was the best decision for Amy to leave, even though it was hard for her to do. In terms of everyone falling on the spectrum of Team Karmy or not, can you give me any indication if Liam and Amy are going to keep in touch? I think out of everything that’s happened on the show, their friendship has been the most surprising and refreshing despite the circumstances.
RV: They’re not really going to have too much of a relationship. It was surprising; I think that needed to happen. These two people bonded over their kind of hatred in the moment for Karma. That was kind of the plot device, that was point. So they’re not going to have too much interaction in this season. They’ve never been friends. They’ve never really liked each other… or at least Amy has never loved Liam. [Laughs.] So there’s not going to be too much of that relationship.

MM: What advice would you give your character if you could get face to face with her in terms of her kind of getting back into the swing of things and getting Karma back on the same page as her?
RV: I think that she’s following the advice that I would give her. I would express to her that she should stand up for herself and that she needs a space to rid herself of the torment and these feelings, which is what she’s doing. And there’s no good way to go about that, you know? There’s never a peaceful way to say, “Hey, sorry I ditched you, but I had to!” There’s always going to be a problem, and there’s always going to be resentment from other sides. I think that she handles it well. I can’t say too much, but I think that Amy is handling everything well. So that would’ve been the advice I would give her, and fortunately I see that happening for her so I’m very excited about that.

MM: [Faking It co-creator and showrunner] Carter [Covington] has mentioned that this season is pretty focused on rebuilding friendships and trying to focus on that as opposed to the endgame people are rooting for. Would you say that’s how you saw the season? What do you think you took away from the season?
RV: Totally. Yeah, absolutely. It’s about totally rebuilding the relationships, because I think for the first time this season they’re not really changing anything. It’s more just the truth being out there and these feelings being out there and these actions being out there. They spent months apart, which they’ve never done before, that’s very new for them. So there’s a lot of rebuilding that’s going to happen. And there was so much that happened in season one and season two that it all kind of piles up on top of each other, and this season is definitely about rebuilding that. That’s going to kind of happen over the course of this season. They’re going to try to get back to where they were and try to forgive each other. There’s a lot of bitterness from both sides. Karma’s really mad that Amy left, and Kamra feels she really did a good job putting Amy’s feelings first in recognizing that Amy had feelings for her and trying to be receptive to that. Amy really doesn’t really think that’s what happened, because Karma can be a little selfish at times and unaware. But they have to put that past time. And that’s what this season is going to be.

MM: Will we see Karma coping with these feelings—whether it be coming to a realization or her anger toward your character? Will we see that spiral as the season progresses?
RV: Yeah! Well, Karma is going to be very much involved in this kind of attitude. She’s going to be doing something that’s not really in character for her to do. And Amy being Amy and being Karma’s best friend, knowing who she really is, she’s going to call her out on it. She will say, “This is not who you are. And I know that you’re mad at me because you wouldn’t be doing these things otherwise. You’re just lashing out.”

MM: I see a pattern there with her character!
RV: [Laughs.]

MM: But hopefully she’ll come to some sort of realization, like, “Hey, we need to be friends.”
RV: I hope I’m not saying too much! I don’t think I am. I don’t know!

MM: I don’t think so! We’re coming into this knowing there’s going to be some sort of realization, whether it’s feelings, or anger, or trying to get their friendship back on track. I think that we’re all under the impression that’s how it’s going to unfold. How it unfolds we’re unsure.
RV: Right!

MM: You mentioned your character is going to spend some time with Lauren this season, which is awesome. That dynamic has surely shifted since the beginning. What do you think sparked that? What was the turning point where these two formed an alliance, if you will?
RV: Well, Lauren is somebody who clearly needs friends. [Laughs.] I think that the girl has a lot of defense mechanisms. She goes through life in a façade in many ways, but deep down she’s very sensitive, very sweet, and a very caring person believe it or not. But there’s also an inner drive to be very successful, and to be competitive, and to be the best. Unfortunately that’s her current situation. She’s not really surrounding herself with good, genuine people. So eventually that kind of, naturally, falls apart. I think she realizes that she wants people who are genuine people, who are genuine friends, who can trust her for who she is and not for what her secrets are. And also they live together, so ultimately when you’re living with someone you’re going to connect. They really are sisters in many ways. They may not be blood related, but I think that’s just naturally what happens. And Lauren sees that Amy is going through this really difficult time, and Lauren’s not Karma’s best fan, so she’s protective of her stepsister. She basically says, “She’s doing it again. She’s pulling you back into this cycle I don’t want to see you in.” That’s the first time, I think, we see that Lauren really, really cares for Amy, which she’s done before without realizing it. But this season we definitely see a lot more of that. And those scenes are great. [Bailey de Young, who plays Lauren,] is such a great actress and [Lauren] is such a great character. That was definitely one of the highlights.

MM: In terms of friendships flourishing, are we going to see more of Felix and Amy and that dynamic?
RV: We are! Felix has feelings for her as, I think, we know or we’ve sort of gathered. She’s going to be caught again in the middle of a thing—there is a female love interest for Amy. I think I should say that: there’s going to be a female love interest who comes back from their past, who Karma also knows. She’s kind of going to shake things up. There’s a history there, and I can’t say what it is. But Karma is not her biggest fan, and Amy is not aware of Karma’s feelings. So it’s going to get a little love triangle-y.

MM: How is she going to deal with that? She already had a relationship with Reagan that Karma didn’t approve of. It’s gotta be hard to have a best friend who doesn’t support the relationship you’re in. How is Amy going to deal with that?
RV: Yeah, it’s really hard. But I think it ties into Amy’s feelings of assertiveness and independence. She’s definitely seeking less validation from her friends, which is actually a healthy thing for her in this scenario. We’re not always going to have relationships that other people live, and that’s OK as long as yourself and you’re not with someone who doesn’t deserve you. It’s not going to matter to Amy as much this time. We’re really just going to see a stronger version of her.

MM: It’s about damn time! Right?
RV: Yes, I’m excited to say! I know Reagan was such a fan favorite, and she’s great, and everyone was very upset when it ended. But it was kind of an intermediate step for Amy, because at that time she still didn’t really know 100 percent how define herself, how to label herself. Is she lesbian, is she bisexual, is she straight? And, really, she’s not straight. I think we’re all getting comfortable with the fact that it’s OK not to label yourself if there is a possibility of going both ways—which some people are going to love, and some people are going to hate that I said that. Because I know. I know that characters like this don’t come about every day. So I definitely see the need to want to label that so that someone can kind of claim them for their own. To say, “This is someone who relates to me 100 percent.” And unfortunately sometimes it’s a little hard to do because we’re not always black and white as people. So Reagan was definitely the first, maybe, symbol of Amy questioning things. And maybe feeling like she wasn’t 100 percent there and not wanting to be unfair. I think this time around she’s a little bit more comfortable with the idea of, you know what? If this is the person I’m attracted to in this moment, then I’m just going to go with it. And If I’m attracted to a boy then maybe I’ll go with that. But in this moment, there’s a little less second guessing from Amy.

MM: In terms of labels, last year both you and Katie [Stevens, who plays Karma,] both made AfterEllen’s Hot 100 and were praised for steamy Karmy kisses. Have you guys finally adjusted to the constant recognition and being held to that standard of representing an audience that might not have a voice otherwise?
RV: Absolutely. We’re definitely more comfortable with it. It’s not as terrifying, I’ll say that. In the beginning it was very terrifying; it’s a lot of responsibility. Everything’s just coming at you. And I think at this point now we are more comfortable with it. But it doesn’t get any less amazing every time; it’s mostly unbelievable. I mean, this is our first big thing that we both had and for it be loved so much and to be socially applicable for where we are in the world today is really, really amazing. We just hope that we are a part of the bigger picture and that we’re just contributing to something that will spark that idea of acceptance. That responsibility of representing a certain LGBT character doesn’t just rest on just one show or one character; we’re all sort of doing our part so that maybe my character doesn’t have to carry it all by herself in certain ways. Because there’s another show that holds that label, and there’s another movie that has that label. You know? They all kind of come together to represent the whole testament of the thing. So to be a part of that is really great.

MM: To wrap things up, in addition to Faking It, you have a few projects coming up. Can you tell us anything about Holding Patterns and Relationship Status and when we can expect those?
RV: I’m actually not sure. I know that Holding Patterns is in post-production now. So hopefully it will be finished really soon. I’m excited about that. That was definitely a really, really cool thing to be a part of. It has a great cast—Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel), Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense), Jake Abel (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief), really great guys, Odeya Rush (Goosebumps). It’s a little bit of a mature part. My character is kind of like the bigger sister role to Freddie Highmore’s character. She’s a little bit more into her femininity as opposed to Amy. So that was a nice change in some ways. There’s that. I’m not sure about the release date on that yet. I don’t believe there is one yet. Hopefully soon! And Relationship Status is a really cool—I’m not exactly sure how they’re doing it—I think it’s going to be an online format. It’s going to be broken down into different episodes, kind of like Verizon’s mobile version for streaming. It’s about how we deal with relationships in the technology age, with Twitter, Instagram, all that. How we interact with people with all this stuff being thrown at us. I have a really great scene in it that I’m proud. And I’m not sure when that is premiering either. So clearly I’m the wrong person to ask. [Laughs.] But that’s what I’m doing.

MM: [Laughs.] We’re really excited to see how this season is going to unfold, how your character is going to come into her own and be more assertive, which we appreciate. Hopefully we see you on Twitter for some live-tweeting! I want to thank you again. It’s always a pleasure to chat about your projects.
RV: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Yeah, I’ll come out of my Twitter cave. You never know when I’m going to strike!

MM: Right? I always get questions when I put it out that you’re going to be chatting with me. Everyone is like, “When is she coming back to Twitter!” “I suspect when the show returns, don’t worry guys. Leave the girl alone.” [Laughs.]
RV: I know! [Laughs.] I’m learning to see its benefits. Tell them I’m not dead! They’re always concerned I’ve died. That seems to be a main concern with the fanbase. Tell them I’m alive.

MM: I will tell them. I will tweet it out. Everyone will rest easy for the next few weeks. And you should definitely try those Hot Cheetos Donuts, ‘cause they’re pretty awesome.
RV: Oh, I will. I will. Where do I find them?

MM: Well, I made them. But I think I’ll send you a picture of what I made. They were pretty tasty. It was weird, they were sweet and spicy, but in a comforting way.
RV: That is amazing. Can you just send the recipe?

MM: I will. [Laughs.]
RV: [Laughs.] Awesome! Awesome. I’m glad my weird ideas are catching on.

MM: Oh, they are. People on Twitter loved it. I was tweeting out the pics and people were like #RitaDonut. They’re definitely on board for it.
RV: Amazing. That is amazing.

Mar, 23 Posted by ritavolk



Q) From the trailer, we see our favorite friends have a fractured relationship. What can you tease about mending fences?
Rita: This season is really about rebuilding their friendship after this summer because they have never been apart for so long. So, there is going to be a lot of tension, probably more so than any other time. They both come back feeling like they were right. Karma (Katie Stevens) is mad Amy left her without saying much and Amy is very much about, “I did what I had to do to get over you. And I’m not going to apologize.” They are both going to be struggling to show the other person why they are hurt. So, you have Shane (Michael Willett) in the mix and he is going to get caught between them. Lauren (Bailey De Young) is also not going to be very supportive of Amy and Karma betting back together because Lauren feels that Karma is going to pull her back into the cycle of drama they have been dealing with for so long. So, it’s about rebuilding that relationship and getting rid of those resentments that I think they both hold.

Q) Will we be seeing any flashbacks to their summer adventures or some summer friends integrating into the new year?
Rita: Yes, there is going to be a really awesome flashback to when Karma and Amy were twelve years old. I can’t say too much about it, but they disturbingly made us look a lot younger so that was a fun day. Also, someone is going to come back from their past who is also going to create some drama between Karma and Amy. There is going to be a whole storyline to that as well. There are a few flashbacks that are pretty hilarious. I think the fans are really, really going to love them.

Q) This fight over Shane, it seems Karma is clinging to Shane because he’s who has been around or is it because they want to make a real go at a friendship?
Rita: They have been enemies and now they are kind of frenemies because we’re going to find out that over the summer they have bonded. They spent the summer together as lifeguards. They are going to have a relationship because they got along over the summer and are now best of friends. So, when Amy comes back she is going to be really, really surprised about that. They are going to fight over him now because there is this new relationship that Amy is surprised about. She is territorial about Shane because that’s who introduced her into going out with girls and having relationships. He was like her “gay guru,” so now that she sees that Shane and Karma are friends it is very surprising to her and she doesn’t quite like that. He’s going to be caught in the middle and he’ll be trying in his own, very funny Shane way to get them back together.

Q) Lauren isn’t happy that Amy might be getting sucked into the loop of Karma again. What kind of relationship will there be this season for Lauren and Amy?
Rita: They have bonded for several reasons. They are sisters and so they have bonded because that’s what naturally happens. Lauren is someone who needs good friends in her life, genuine people in her life. So much of what she does makes herself her own worst enemy. She is so competitive and tries to accomplish everything she can and that sometimes, unfortunately, puts her into a position where she isn’t surrounded by people who are looking out for her best interest. So, we realize she is really sensitive to her relationship with Amy. She wants to be her friend and Amy wants to be her friend because Amy sees that Lauren doesn’t have that many friends. She knows Lauren needs that support and Amy sees who Lauren is at her heart. So, they are definitely going to bond and Lauren is going to be a little bit jealous that Amy and Karma get back together. Because once they reunite, there will be no one left for her. We’ll definitely see a very vulnerable side to Lauren this season and my scenes with Bailey I love. I love her and I think she is wonderful. I love her character. She plays Lauren so well. So, those scenes are definitely going to be really good. I think it is something that the fans are really going to like. It was definitely the highlight of the season for me.

Q) Penelope says in the trailer that “Hester is back!” Does this mean the last of Principal Turner?
Rita: I think for now…He will not be appearing in this season. Hester is back to kind of its crazy liberal self the way it was. Things kind of get out of hand, but I can’t say too much. It’s back in its Hester-like glory of what we are used to. The strict rules that Turner put in place are gone and they are back to their eclectic open minded ways.

Q) Will we see Amy focusing on her college career path and her future past Hester?
That’s what they should be focusing on, but there is too much drama that there is no time! Not so much. I think she’s taking it one day at a time. I think what I’ve always wanted for her is for her to really stand up for herself and just be more adamant about what she wants and doesn’t want. I want her to be more assertive about her feelings and what she wants. She needs to kind of have that emotional growth first and then focus on the bigger future of where they are going to end up. They are not quite there yet about dealing with their futures. I think they are still kind of dealing with the present. But she is definitely growing in the way that I wanted her to since Season 1 and that’s nice to see.

Q) Is the dream to live next door to each other and raise their families together still alive?
Rita: I think as we all know that when you are a kid you have those fanciful notions and want everyone to be in one place. Obviously, as you get older you don’t necessarily grow apart, but you become different people. It’s a bittersweet thing. On one hand, it is sad in the way that things can’t always work out, but at the same time it is natural for people to grow and realize we all have our own paths in life. I don’t think it is necessarily referenced in this season. It’s not something they talk about this season – partly because 90% of the time they are fighting and trying to rebuild this relationship. But they are growing and I think they are realizing that it is okay to be close without necessarily having those goals. You don’t have those goals of working together and living in the same neighborhood next to each other to be best friends. They are realizing their space, in a very healthy way. You’ll see as the season progresses that they are just trying to find their balance of being close without co-depending on each other and seeking validation from each other, which I think is very healthy.

Q) Amy and Felix have a great relationship. Will their friendship evolve at all?
Felix does have feelings for Amy, but she is going to have a love interest who is going to resurface from the past. I can’t say too much about it, but it is a female. Felix (Parker Mack) is going to kind of get mixed up in that. So, there will be kind of a love triangle situation. I can’t say too much else. He’s definitely in the picture and Amy is just going to be questioning where he fits in. And Karma is going to have a really nice relationship with Felix as well. We are going to see them really get closer. Karma kind of becomes his right hand woman – his wing woman to help him get closer to Amy.

Q) Will this be a more long-lasting love interest for Amy or will it be sort of short lived like with Regan?
Rita: It seems like it might be a longer love interest. I don’t know and I can’t say because you never know what is going to happen. Who knows what the writers have in mind, but judging on who this person is and how their relationship grows this season this is someone who is going to stick around for a while. I know that the fans really love Regan (Yvette Monreal) and she is great, but it was one of those relationships that had to end. I think we all have them because it shows you who you are and what you needed at that time, but it has an exportation date and that was theirs. So, that’s okay. I think this person is a little bit of a better fit for her.

Q) Is there a moment this season that you are eager or nervous for fans to see?
Definitely the flashbacks to when they were kids. There is going to be a flashback episode to camp and it’s going to be hilarious. They made us look ridiculous and creepily young. I sent pictures to my parents and friends and they thought it was the funniest thing. Katie was even funnier! I can’t say too much, but once that gets out Katie is going to have…Oh my gosh! People are going to find it really, really funny. I am sure there are going to be a lot of gifs online afterwards because we both look so ridiculous. So, I’m definitely excited about that and I think the fans are really going to think it is hilarious.

Q) Will you be live tweeting the episodes of “Faking It?”
Rita: Yeah, I am sure they thought I disappeared off the face of the planet. I like to keep it for the purpose of the show. I think it is a great tool to use when it comes to work related things. That’s just me. That’s just how I do it. We’re actually trying to come up with a cool way to engage the fans and get them watching. Hopefully, that will happen in the next few weeks. We’re trying to kind of come up with ways with live tweeting and answering fan questions – finding some cool ways to get me back on social. I’m alive! Tell them that!

Q) Will you be sharing any behind the scenes photos?
I don’t know! Now, I have to get on it and think about it! I think pictures are something that fans really respond to. We all love looking at pictures and visuals. I think that will be a good idea and I have a few. I think on the days where we did a lot of cool stuff like the flashbacks I took a lot of pictures. Maybe I’ll put some of those out there when it is time without spoiling anything. Those were definitely the most fun we have had throughout the season. Any way you can transform yourself is fun and to do it in a way that is absolutely ridiculous and makes you question your identity…[laughs] We’re not really fifteen or sixteen years old and now we’re twelve years old…It’s really weird, but I’m excited for those to come out.

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