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Here the very first official picture of Rita’s character from “Relationship Status” series! The name of her character is Erin and “Relationship Status” on instagram account pubblished this photo!

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Q) From the trailer, we see our favorite friends have a fractured relationship. What can you tease about mending fences?
Rita: This season is really about rebuilding their friendship after this summer because they have never been apart for so long. So, there is going to be a lot of tension, probably more so than any other time. They both come back feeling like they were right. Karma (Katie Stevens) is mad Amy left her without saying much and Amy is very much about, “I did what I had to do to get over you. And I’m not going to apologize.” They are both going to be struggling to show the other person why they are hurt. So, you have Shane (Michael Willett) in the mix and he is going to get caught between them. Lauren (Bailey De Young) is also not going to be very supportive of Amy and Karma betting back together because Lauren feels that Karma is going to pull her back into the cycle of drama they have been dealing with for so long. So, it’s about rebuilding that relationship and getting rid of those resentments that I think they both hold.

Q) Will we be seeing any flashbacks to their summer adventures or some summer friends integrating into the new year?
Rita: Yes, there is going to be a really awesome flashback to when Karma and Amy were twelve years old. I can’t say too much about it, but they disturbingly made us look a lot younger so that was a fun day. Also, someone is going to come back from their past who is also going to create some drama between Karma and Amy. There is going to be a whole storyline to that as well. There are a few flashbacks that are pretty hilarious. I think the fans are really, really going to love them.

Q) This fight over Shane, it seems Karma is clinging to Shane because he’s who has been around or is it because they want to make a real go at a friendship?
Rita: They have been enemies and now they are kind of frenemies because we’re going to find out that over the summer they have bonded. They spent the summer together as lifeguards. They are going to have a relationship because they got along over the summer and are now best of friends. So, when Amy comes back she is going to be really, really surprised about that. They are going to fight over him now because there is this new relationship that Amy is surprised about. She is territorial about Shane because that’s who introduced her into going out with girls and having relationships. He was like her “gay guru,” so now that she sees that Shane and Karma are friends it is very surprising to her and she doesn’t quite like that. He’s going to be caught in the middle and he’ll be trying in his own, very funny Shane way to get them back together.

Q) Lauren isn’t happy that Amy might be getting sucked into the loop of Karma again. What kind of relationship will there be this season for Lauren and Amy?
Rita: They have bonded for several reasons. They are sisters and so they have bonded because that’s what naturally happens. Lauren is someone who needs good friends in her life, genuine people in her life. So much of what she does makes herself her own worst enemy. She is so competitive and tries to accomplish everything she can and that sometimes, unfortunately, puts her into a position where she isn’t surrounded by people who are looking out for her best interest. So, we realize she is really sensitive to her relationship with Amy. She wants to be her friend and Amy wants to be her friend because Amy sees that Lauren doesn’t have that many friends. She knows Lauren needs that support and Amy sees who Lauren is at her heart. So, they are definitely going to bond and Lauren is going to be a little bit jealous that Amy and Karma get back together. Because once they reunite, there will be no one left for her. We’ll definitely see a very vulnerable side to Lauren this season and my scenes with Bailey I love. I love her and I think she is wonderful. I love her character. She plays Lauren so well. So, those scenes are definitely going to be really good. I think it is something that the fans are really going to like. It was definitely the highlight of the season for me.

Q) Penelope says in the trailer that “Hester is back!” Does this mean the last of Principal Turner?
Rita: I think for now…He will not be appearing in this season. Hester is back to kind of its crazy liberal self the way it was. Things kind of get out of hand, but I can’t say too much. It’s back in its Hester-like glory of what we are used to. The strict rules that Turner put in place are gone and they are back to their eclectic open minded ways.

Q) Will we see Amy focusing on her college career path and her future past Hester?
That’s what they should be focusing on, but there is too much drama that there is no time! Not so much. I think she’s taking it one day at a time. I think what I’ve always wanted for her is for her to really stand up for herself and just be more adamant about what she wants and doesn’t want. I want her to be more assertive about her feelings and what she wants. She needs to kind of have that emotional growth first and then focus on the bigger future of where they are going to end up. They are not quite there yet about dealing with their futures. I think they are still kind of dealing with the present. But she is definitely growing in the way that I wanted her to since Season 1 and that’s nice to see.

Q) Is the dream to live next door to each other and raise their families together still alive?
Rita: I think as we all know that when you are a kid you have those fanciful notions and want everyone to be in one place. Obviously, as you get older you don’t necessarily grow apart, but you become different people. It’s a bittersweet thing. On one hand, it is sad in the way that things can’t always work out, but at the same time it is natural for people to grow and realize we all have our own paths in life. I don’t think it is necessarily referenced in this season. It’s not something they talk about this season – partly because 90% of the time they are fighting and trying to rebuild this relationship. But they are growing and I think they are realizing that it is okay to be close without necessarily having those goals. You don’t have those goals of working together and living in the same neighborhood next to each other to be best friends. They are realizing their space, in a very healthy way. You’ll see as the season progresses that they are just trying to find their balance of being close without co-depending on each other and seeking validation from each other, which I think is very healthy.

Q) Amy and Felix have a great relationship. Will their friendship evolve at all?
Felix does have feelings for Amy, but she is going to have a love interest who is going to resurface from the past. I can’t say too much about it, but it is a female. Felix (Parker Mack) is going to kind of get mixed up in that. So, there will be kind of a love triangle situation. I can’t say too much else. He’s definitely in the picture and Amy is just going to be questioning where he fits in. And Karma is going to have a really nice relationship with Felix as well. We are going to see them really get closer. Karma kind of becomes his right hand woman – his wing woman to help him get closer to Amy.

Q) Will this be a more long-lasting love interest for Amy or will it be sort of short lived like with Regan?
Rita: It seems like it might be a longer love interest. I don’t know and I can’t say because you never know what is going to happen. Who knows what the writers have in mind, but judging on who this person is and how their relationship grows this season this is someone who is going to stick around for a while. I know that the fans really love Regan (Yvette Monreal) and she is great, but it was one of those relationships that had to end. I think we all have them because it shows you who you are and what you needed at that time, but it has an exportation date and that was theirs. So, that’s okay. I think this person is a little bit of a better fit for her.

Q) Is there a moment this season that you are eager or nervous for fans to see?
Definitely the flashbacks to when they were kids. There is going to be a flashback episode to camp and it’s going to be hilarious. They made us look ridiculous and creepily young. I sent pictures to my parents and friends and they thought it was the funniest thing. Katie was even funnier! I can’t say too much, but once that gets out Katie is going to have…Oh my gosh! People are going to find it really, really funny. I am sure there are going to be a lot of gifs online afterwards because we both look so ridiculous. So, I’m definitely excited about that and I think the fans are really going to think it is hilarious.

Q) Will you be live tweeting the episodes of “Faking It?”
Rita: Yeah, I am sure they thought I disappeared off the face of the planet. I like to keep it for the purpose of the show. I think it is a great tool to use when it comes to work related things. That’s just me. That’s just how I do it. We’re actually trying to come up with a cool way to engage the fans and get them watching. Hopefully, that will happen in the next few weeks. We’re trying to kind of come up with ways with live tweeting and answering fan questions – finding some cool ways to get me back on social. I’m alive! Tell them that!

Q) Will you be sharing any behind the scenes photos?
I don’t know! Now, I have to get on it and think about it! I think pictures are something that fans really respond to. We all love looking at pictures and visuals. I think that will be a good idea and I have a few. I think on the days where we did a lot of cool stuff like the flashbacks I took a lot of pictures. Maybe I’ll put some of those out there when it is time without spoiling anything. Those were definitely the most fun we have had throughout the season. Any way you can transform yourself is fun and to do it in a way that is absolutely ridiculous and makes you question your identity…[laughs] We’re not really fifteen or sixteen years old and now we’re twelve years old…It’s really weird, but I’m excited for those to come out.

Jan, 14 Posted by ritavolk

Relationship Status will premiere this spring exclusively on the streaming video app. The dramedy will use the lens of social media to follow the interweaving lives of 30 some young people living in New York and Los Angeles. Among those starring are Shawn Ashmore (X Men: Days of Future Past) and Ventimiglia (Heroes).

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum (Mistresses) will direct from a script by Celine Geiger (The Lying Game). Full Fathom Five’s Frey and Todd Cohen and DiVide Pictures’ Ventimiglia and Russ Cundiff are producing alongside StyleHaul.

The expansive cast includes Milo Ventimiglia, James Franco, Emma Bell (The Walking Dead), Molly Burnett (Days Of Our Lives), Patrick Carlyle (A To Z), Emrhys Cooper (Vanity), Brant Daugherty (Pretty Little Liars), Brett Davern (Awkward), Willa Fitzgerald (Scream), McKinley Freeman (Hit The Floor), Andy Gala (New Girl), Michael Galante (Aquarius), Evan Gamble (The Vampire Diaries), Mimi Gianopulos (Baby Daddy), Nicholas Grava (The Mentalist), Julianna Guill (Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce), Kristen Gutoskie (Containment), Christine Ko (BFFs), Zoe Levin (Red Band Society), Alexa Losey (How To Survive High School), Missy Lynn (Vanity), Jes Macallan (Mistresses), Mekenna Melvin (Chuck), Tony Oller (The Purge), Alexis Rhee (Dr. Ken), Adam Rose (Veronica Mars), Brandon Mychal Smith (You’re The Worst), Karrueche Tran (Vanity), YouTube star Sam Tsui, Rita Volk (Faking It) and Ray Wise (Twin Peaks).

We don’t know what role Rita will have in this new project, but we can’t wait to see her in other series and movie! Keep following us to discover other details about the serie!